Michigan and its 16 Electoral Votes will be cast for America’s 45th President on December 19, 2016. Michigan is one state where so-called faithless electors are simply not allowed. In some states there are no restrictions on the electors from defecting and casting their ballot for someone else.

It has never affected the outcome of a national election but there is always the first time. I find it highly unlikely that it will happen now but it is the last dream of Hillary Clinton supporters to get their candidate to the White House. In fact hate calls and death threats are being sent to some of the 435 electors around the nation in an effort to intimidate and bully them into voting for Hillary Clinton even if she didn’t earn them on Election Day.

Like I said for weeks leading up to the election, if Donald Trump wins Michigan he will be President of the United States. He will certainly win Michigan on December 19, 2016. The vote in Michigan will actually be certified on November 28, 2016.

Michigan is the new center of the American political landscape. Welcome to the new normal. By the way I can safely say right now that whoever wins Michigan in November of 2020 will also be elected President. Or maybe re-elected depending on whose name appears on the ballot.