It seems the mainstream media, Democrats, many Republicans, Pollsters, entertainment media, pundits, college kids and host of others are still completely tone deaf to the complete repudiation of their destructive policies over the past 8 years. After Donald Trump wins a resounding win in the race for President over heavily favored Hillary Clinton with 306 Electoral Votes, more than any Republican in a generation they are still clinging to the notion that Americans want what they want. They don’t.

The liberal agenda was soundly defeated in 2010 and 2014. It eked through 2012 with a meek Mitt Romney failing to attract the kind of support needed to dislodge Barack Obama. However, on Tuesday November 8, 2016 Americans by the millions from Florida and North Carolina to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania said we have had enough!

But it is just not sinking in. The leftists instead of realizing they have been kicked out all across America from local offices to the White House- insist that Americans are still in tune with them. Wow. Delusional doesn’t even begin to cover the depth and width of that mental problem.

This is like a little kid that has been told no several times but continues to misbehave. I mean how many times can one group of people get their ideas rejected and still cling to the belief that somehow they are still right. Hey newsflash; the earth is not actually flat. It’s not flat even if you cry, yell, riot in the streets or throw bricks at police cars. Acting out does not change the fact that America has rejected your agenda.

The liberal agenda has been soundly defeated at every level. 33 Governors are Republicans now. The US Senate and the House remain firmly in Republican control. Worse yet for the left is that they have no one in charge. There is simply no one in control of the liberal agenda or the Democratic Party. The Clintons have been vanquished to the scrap heap of history and Barack Obama’s legacy will soon be in the same pile. Executive orders it turns out are only as good as the person who follows you into the White House. Doing things the old fashioned and Constitutional way of getting laws passed through Congress actually stands the test of time.

The worst offender is Harry Reid, the outgoing former Senate majority leader who was demoted after the last election to minority leader and knew he had exactly no chance of winning this time so he did the honorable thing and ran like a cockroach in the light. In the wake of yet another stunning defeat at the hands of ordinary Americans Reid took the lowest of roads and attributed Donald Trumps win to ‘white nationalism, bigotry and hatred’. Reid continues to try to delegitimize the Trump Presidency but in reality he is actually delegitimizing himself and the Democratic Party altogether.

Obamacare is a failure. Jobs are disappearing. Social Security may not be there in a few years without massive changes. This is about real concerns from people about themselves, their families and the future.

People are sick and tired of excessive meddling from government, sick of ever higher taxes, sick of fading opportunities, sick of uncertainty in the future and sick of liberal policies.

I could yell but it doesn’t seem Democrats will hear me. They just seem to be tone deaf. Maybe when Republicans have 60 or 65 Senators and 40 Governors mansions it will finally be loud enough but I wouldn’t count on it.