Donald Trump has put out a list of highly qualified potential nominees for United States Supreme Court including three from Michigan. The jurists put forward are all staunch conservative justices that would be well suited to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

One candidate that I think is exceptional and highly qualified that would set the liberal world on it’s ear is Amul Thapar. He would be the first Supreme Court Justice of Indian descent. It would crush the notion that somehow Donald Trump is somehow a bigot and racist connected to the white nationalist movement. Which honestly there is no such movement. Even the highly radical and largely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center admits the number of Klan members in America is well below 10,000. Out of a nation of 320 million that is almost non-existent.

When Thapar was appointed to the U.S. District Court in 2007 he became the first South Asian Article III judge.

Thapar would break a glass ceiling for Indian-Americans on the court. Thapar has also taught law at Georgetown and the University of Cincinnati and served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia. He would also be a candidate form somewhere other than Harvard because Thapar earned his law degree at The University of California, Berkley.