Did some "clients with deep pockets" demand his ouster from the airwaves because they’re upset about the way the elections went?   Did he bring up facts that “powerful forces” didn’t want brought to light?   Did the Obama-Run FCC decide to purge talk radio while they still can?

Believe it or not, as WBCK’s Brand Manager, I get calls like that every time Renk is off.   The simple truth is that Renk has to take his vacation time before the end of the year or lose it.  And believe me, getting him to take time off is not easy.   Say what you will about Renk, (and I know you will), he works his butt off on the show and has an endless supply of energy and passion for the show, and for the truth.


This week, it would have been hard to air a “Best of Renk”, right after the election.  It would have sounded ridiculous.

I’m always looking for that fresh new voice in talk radio, so this week you’re hearing the Kevin Jackson Show.   They don’t call it “Talk” radio for nothing.   This guy can talk!

Photo: blacksphere.com

We’ve had a lot of calls the first couple of days this week, some very positive about Kevin, and some very negative.   One caller said, “I like this guy better than Renk because he doesn’t interrupt the callers and he lets them talk.”   Ok, but the reason he doesn’t interrupt the callers is because there aren’t any!  It’s a three hour rant!   Kevin just talks.   I think he’s pretty entertaining, and definitely provocative.

Syndicating a show is very expensive to do on satellite, and the choices that radio stations have keeps dwindling.   Kevin Jackson records his show early in the morning or the night before, and uploads it via the internet.   So, it’s not live, and there are no callers.  Too bad, but I think this guy can actually carry the show by himself.   What do you think?  Who would you like to hear the next time Renk is off?   Is there an established host on talk radio that you'd like to see replaced?  Send me your suggestions.  

Previously we’ve had the Herman Cain and Mike Gallagher shows on during Renk’s vacation. I like them too.

Hear the Kevin Jackson Show all this week from 9am to noon on News Talk 95.3 WBCK, Talk Radio 1360 WKMI, and 1240 WJIM.