The monumental failure of the monochromatic blue mentality just isn’t sinking in. It seems the ever-inclusive minded left is outraged and demanding blood. No, for real, some of the protesters in the streets protesting the outcome of America’s election on Tuesday are calling for blood.

Those that can only see blue just don’t get it. Those in academe believe they are right even though the American voters have just issued a stern rebuke to the era of expanding socialism and exploding government. Insulting your fellow citizens by calling them racist, misogynist, xenophobic and a host of other phobics does not advance your argument. Rioting in the streets or retreating to safe areas is also not a great way to convince voters you have better ideas.

Curled up in the fetal position, unable to compose yourself and refusing to attend college classes I must say is not an effective strategy either.

The left and the campaign of Hillary Clinton went to the well to draw out the ‘basket of deplorables’ and other demeaning terms for anyone that would actually consider voting for someone besides the former Secretary of State. The venom is flowing on social media, in the papers and on the internet. Hate filled screeds are aimed at Trump and his ‘uneducated’ supporters.

The liberal establishment and it’s most active foot soldiers believe that anyone voting for Trump is clearly not smart enough to deserve a vote. Outside the lounges of higher education they don’t seem to realize that more than 60% of Americans have not attended college. I wonder if these wizards of book learning ask for proof of college degrees when they need a plumber at midnight, or their lawn mowed, snow plowed, new home built or ten thousand other jobs done?

The violence in the streets does not appear to be fueled solely by folks holding degrees of higher education. Call me crazy but these ‘social justice warriors’ do not appear to be on their way home from class. They do appear to be a bunch of people who don’t understand the simple metric that in America when you lose, you have a little respect for the process and vow to do better the next time.

Not so this time around.

This time some of these people want to burn down the republic while rioting in the streets. Those pontificating in the halls of higher learning ought to recognize that they are in fact fueling this anger with their reckless rhetoric. They would do well to follow the example set by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I am not a big fan of either but at least they understand that when you lose a little humility goes a long way.

Watching the riots on the streets again today makes me think- they just don’t get it. At least not yet.