This cheesy lawsuit is no gouda for Kroger.

Warning: I apologize in advance for all of the cheese puns you're about to consume.  On August 13th a lawsuit was filed in Michigan against Kroger claiming they are deceiving their customers with the packaging of their smoked cheese.  It's not the smoke cheese isn't smoked enough.  The problem is that the gouda isn't actually smoked at all according to the lawsuit obtained by Legal Newsline,

While ‘smoke flavor’ may be convenient, it fails to supply the rich, layered combination of phenols and other odor-active compounds compared to where a food’s taste is derived entirely from being smoked over wood.

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So basically, the suit is claiming that customers are paying for smoked cheese but are receiving flavored cheese instead.  There's no word on how much cheddar the plaintiffs Janet Avigne and Lauren Morgan are hoping to get out of this.  Sometimes lawsuits aren't all they're cracked up to brie.  But, we know money doesn't grow on cheese.

If Kroger is found to be guilty of misleading the public we will all thank the plaintiffs for shredding light on the situation.  However, if they are found to be not guilty of the claims Kroger can tell the plaintiffs to mind their own cheesewax.  We'll keep you updated on this suit as it progresses.  Until then, Avigne and Morgan will keep fighting the gouda fight.  We swiss you the best of luck.  OK, enough of my cheesy puns.  I gouda go.  This lawsuit has made me very hungry.

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