Kroger has begun to step us their delivery game.

Kroger announced on Wednesday that they will be launching the country's first Customer Fulfillment Center. This new center will combine vertical integration, machine learning, and robotics with fast delivery service for fresh food. This will be great news in the future for those that love buying things online and having them shipped to their homes.

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Kroger's first new fulfillment center is going to be located in Monroe, Ohio, which is just north of Cincinnati. The grocery giant has teamed with Ocado Group to make this happen. This new fulfillment center will help Kroger keep up with the skyrocketing digital market the world has seen over the last year and a half.

2020 was a pivotal year for grocery e-commerce, with Kroger's digital business scaling to over $10 billion—and achieving a record digital sales increase of 116%...We're incredibly proud to achieve this milestone that advances our position as one of America's leading e-commerce companies. The momentum we're experiencing is well-timed with the evolution of Kroger Delivery, underpinning the permanent shift in grocery consumer behavior and need for enterprising and modern e-commerce and last-mile solutions—today's true competitive horsepower...said Rodney McMullen, Kroger's chairman and CEO.

Even though the first center is in Ohio, I hope they will expand into Michigan soon. Not only will it create more jobs for Michigan residents, but it will also give my lazy self another reason to stay home more often. I still like to go out and do a little bit of my own shopping, but as more and more delivery options become available, the less I see myself doing that.

Source: Kroger

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