You see Moore who sports the Michigan State ball cap with great regularity and is best known for railing against the one percenters… the super rich if you will… is headed to divorce court to defend his money. He is bringing the dream team of divorce lawyers and experts too. I guess income inequality does not apply to his soon to be ex-wife.

Moore lives in mansions that 99% of us can barely dream of while calling himself an ‘Occupy Wall Street’ guy. I am not the first but must call bull- on this one. One of the homes on Northern Michigan’s Torch Lake is referred to as a compound by locals and is valued north of 2 million dollars. Moore also has numerous other homes including a sprawling Manhattan apartment that was created by combining three Upper Westside beauties into one.

And despite his calls for equality in money and race it seems the places Moore buys homes are about 98% white or higher. So much for supporting diversity eh Mike? I mean equality is good for us peasants but not important people like you.

Nothing like a multi-millionaire white guy telling us how we need to be more concerned with making the ‘rich’ pay ‘their fair share’ and that white people are basically racist simply because of their whiteness all the while snapping your fingers at the help.

I think his soon to be ex deserves it all so Mikey can experience income equality.