General Motors announced in a press conference that 15 people were fired and a fund was set up to help victims of a recall.

In February there was a recall on Pontiac G5 and later model Cobalts due to defective ignition switches.  What started out as a recall on 780,000 cars in reality became 2.6 million cars worldwide.

The report, that CEO Mary Barra referred to in the press conference, detailed recommendations to avoid future safety issues.  She spoke with over 200 employees and reviewed millions of documents to come to her final conclusion.

Barra said that the investigation has been “extremely thorough, brutally tough, and deeply troubling.”  She said that it was hard to speak about this incident but that she would "fix the failures in our system."  This is something she wants GM to learn from and to never forget.

If you were running GM, what would you have done?