It seems as though the new buzz phrase is 'war on.'  We have heard about the War on Women, War on Poverty, War on Immigration, and the War on Drugs.  With the announcement of the new EPA standards yesterday, is there a War on Coal?

The new standard is calling for a 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, for all existing power plants. Currently Michigan has 24 coal power plants in operation, with some already scheduled to close by 2015.  What will this new EPA rule mean for Michigan residents?  Will this close the majority of plants, will energy costs skyrocket?  What will happen to the individuals who work in the plants, will we create new jobs for them?

Orlando Watson, Black Media Communications Director for the RNC joined Steve Gruber this morning to discuss the recent ruling.  He said that President Obama has declared not only a war on coal but a war on jobs which is not good for our economy.

He also said that this would not only be bad for the families of those who actually work in the plants, but it would be bad for Michigan families, energy costs will rise.