I hope Michigan residents realize that a major increase to your energy expenses are coming with the EPA announcement of decreasing the country’s dependence on coal fired power plants.

Here’s the truth, it will take approximately 11,700 windmills to power Michigan homes. This does not include businesses, apartments, or any other abode you consider livable. 11,700 windmills would take up an area about twice the size of the state of Rhode Island.  Not to mention the windmills at current pricing ring in at a tidy 4 million each. That does not include batteries to store the juice.

The other factor is windmills or solar panels vary in their ability to produce energy. It isn’t 100% full proof. However, coal is a cheap and a reliable energy source.  Coal is abundant and has energy density far greater than any wind turbine or solar panel can produce.

Technology is simply not ready for such an overhaul and at such a fast pace. If this is not turned around make no mistake we will be ale to discuss the issue for years… in the dark.

You’ve been warned.