During a recent discussion at The Manor at Glacier Hills in Ann Arbor with a group of senior citizens Governor Snyder discussed several initiatives the the state is taking to help offset the cost of school for people who attend Michigan colleges and universities.

He stated "Tuition has gone up a lot and there are two or three things that we need to do. One is: we need to keep working with the universities on managing their cost structures. We need to look at more need-based financial aid. But (we also) need to be more innovative," he added "One opportunity that's really made a huge difference – and we're not using it nearly as much as we can – is dual enrollment."

What is Dual enrollment?  Dual enrollment currently allows high school students to take college classes while also finishing their high school curriculum. Students can earn these college credits for free while completing high school.

The question I have is why did the state allow these public universities and colleges to get to the point they are today?  Why have these colleges and universities have to increase their prices by approximately 300% over inflation every year?

Your thoughts.