Getty Images by Joshua Lott

State Rep. Robert Kosowski (D-Westland) has introduced House Bill 5605 which would create a new Mercy rule for High School Football.  The new rule would end games if one team is beating the other team by 17 points or more with a minute or less remaining in the game.

State Rep. Kosowski was inspired to write this bill due to an incident that occurred in a Westland Luthren vs Star International Academy 2011 High School Football game.

According to news reports Westland was beating Star 47-6 with seconds left in the game.  The Westland Quarterback informed the referees that he would be taking a knee to run the game clock out and end the game.   The referees informed Star Academy that the Westland Quarterback would be taking a knee to end the game.  Four thugs from Star Academy's team decided not to listen to the referees and broke through the line and hit the Westland Quarterback as he was taking a knee and gave him a concussion.

The four Star Academy players were charged with assault and battery but a bleeding heart judge dismissed the case against the 4 thugs.

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