Wow great news, according to an article in The Michigan Capitol Confidential the number of Michigan welfare recipients has nose dived 70% since Governor Snyder took office.

When Republican Governor Snyder took office the former Democrat Governor Granholm left him with 227,490 Michigan citizens on welfare cash assistance.  Today the number is 64,492, sounds to me at last some of Governor Snyder’s policies are working.

As reported in the article:

“From 2005 to 2011, the number of people in this program held consistently in the low 200,000s range. It varied from 202,693 (2009) to 237,102 (2007). However, in 2011, with control of the Legislature and governor's office for the first time since 2002, Republicans adopted reforms that, along with economic growth, have helped reduce the number of people on welfare from 154,941 (2012), to 129,185 (2013) and 89,957 (2014).”

You have to ask the question why, why did we see such a huge improvement?

Could it possibly be that the Republicans Governor and the control of the state House and Senate by Republican has created a great environment  in which business feel welcome and can thrive which then produce jobs for Michigan citizens.

When there are more jobs that means people will have more money to spend which then would improve our economic environment which could raise all of our pay.

Part of it is definitely because of the Governors’ and the Republican policies and their welcoming attitude towards business.  Par t of it was due to the state is now enforcing a 48-month lifetime limit on cash assistance.  Apparently Governor Granholm never did enforce this law.

By the way why did Democrat Governor Granholm feel she did not need to follow the law or state time limit?

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