Bloomberg via Getty Images

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder is pushing for thousands- no make that tens of thousands of middle east refugees to relocate to Michigan. Snyder says that it is the right thing to do and that Syrian refugees and others fleeing the war torn region could help make Michigan more prosperous, create jobs and get Detroit on its feet again.

Mark me down as a skeptic. In fact I’ll go further, much further and go on the record as adamantly opposed to this ill conceived idea. We have enough problems right now without importing more.

This appears at first blush to be in complete disregard of not only American national security but specifically our security right here in Michigan.

What is the Governor’s plan to make sure those that are extracted from the battlefields of the Middle East and air shipped to Michigan are vetted properly and screened before they arrive here. What is the Governor’s plan to make sure these new refugees become contributing members of the community and not a net drain on resources like the Boston bombers were before they attacked the Boston Marathon?

This is not something to be taken lightly. These are serious concerns in a world where those who are part of the Islamic State are declaring a new Caliphate and telling the world they will occupy the White House some day soon.