In a tortured statement in the White House Rose Garden, Vice President Joe Biden explained why he decided not to run for President while painting a clear picture of why he should.

It was like he thought he’d been elected homecoming King only to learn at the last second he’d lost. He decided to use his speech anyway- no matter how awkward it came across.

"Unfortunately, I believe we're out of time," said Biden, flanked by his wife, Jill, and President Obama.

It was one of the strangest political speeches, both for it’s location but also for it’s content and tenor. While Biden was explaining Ad nauseam his reasons not to run- while ruminating about several unrelated side stories, the balance of his comments including some sharp barbs for Hillary Clinton- sounded a lot like a speech written to announce his candidacy and not one to throw in the towel. It makes you wonder if he was told he wasn’t being allowed to run despite his personal desires and wish to be President.

Did Barack Obama tell him, I’m sorry but no Joe it’s not going to happen. I mean it seems pretty clear the President has little use for Hillary Clinton. I think it’s fair to say he despises her and then you have to wonder why wouldn’t he push Biden?  Maybe Obama knows something we don’t. That’s pretty obvious right? So if that’s the case maybe he knows something the FBI knows and maybe he is holding Joe back on a tight leash until the time to go for the throat is clear.

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. For now I can say Bidens speech announcing he wasn’t going to run sounded a helluvalot more like a campaign stump speech than a speech about some vague window of opportunity closing.

For now- I don’t think the window is closed on Biden at all. I guess we will all find out in good time. By the way have you seen the latest Wiki Leaks post?