Even though you don't want to hear about it or read about it, more and more medical experts are telling people to wear masks if they have to leave the house during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ingham County Health Department made the recommendation recently and the CDC is considering doing the same.

No matter if you go to the grocery story, a gas station, or to pick up take out for your family, you're bound to see several people wearing homemade masks to protect themselves.

With numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths on the rise in the state, local health officials have a strong suggestion: if you can, wear a mask if you're not in your home.

Linda Vail, who is the Ingham County Health officer, said you can wear a bandana, a  scarf, a cloth mask, anything that basically covers your face.

State legislators say they're not planning on requiring Michigan residents to wear a mask. Here's more from WILX!

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How to Sew a Face Mask

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