U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Monday that a man attempting to break into the United States fell from the border wall fractured both his legs and possibly injured his back.

And guess who gets to pay for his medical treatment?

YOU!  At least us who pay Federal Income tax.

posted to Twitter by U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows a figure, the man, falling from a wall and remaining motionless after impact.

A Border Patrol spokesman Carlos Pitones informed us that the U.S. government, that means you, usually pays for the medical bills of people injured crossing the border illegally.  Once we fix them up we are supposed to deport them after they recover.

The concern here for me is the fact that the money spent on the medial care of this illegal alien could have been spent on a poor U.S. citizen or legal immigrant here in the good old United States.

Continue to build the wall and by deportation discourage as many as possible from illegally entering our country.  These people are literally taking money out of the pockets of your children and neighbors who are struggling financially and need assistance themselves.

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