Well the stage is set for the Michigan’s Governor’s race.

Attorney General Bill Schuette won in the Republican Primary by a wide margin of approximately 25%.  Gretchen Whitmer won in the Democratic Primary by another wide margin of approximately 21%,

I was looking inside the numbers to try and gauge where the momentum is for the upcoming fall election and it is a bit hard to gauge.

The total number of votes cast in the Republican primary was approximately 943,002 and the total number of votes cast in the Democratic primary was approximately 1,073,359.  That is a difference of approximately 130,000 votes.

Does the 130,000 more votes in the Democratic Primary as compared to the Republican Primary mean the big “MO” is on the side of the Democrats?

Well it may appear so but let us look closer inside the numbers and see if there may or may not be trouble brewing for Gretchen Whitmer.

Abdul El-Sayed and Shri Thanedar, both very progressive and many would call socialist candidates together garnered approximately 517,000 votes.  Will a very large majority of those very progressive and some might say socialist in Michigan come out and vote for a very establishment candidate in Whitmer.

Do you remember what happened to Hillary Clinton and the Bernie Sanders vote in Michigan 2 years ago?  Not enough of the socialist votes went to the polls to vote for Hillary and Donald Trump ended up winning Michigan.

The numbers of the two primaries are as follows:

Republican Governor Primary:

Bill Schuette                 479,177                50.81%

Brian Calley                  236,878                25.12%

Patrick Colbeck            122,629                13.00%

Jim Hines                      104,318                11.06%

Total Votes:                    943,002


Democrat Governor Primary:

Gretchen Whitmer       556,285                51.83%

Abdul El-Sayed            327,235                30.49%

Shri Thanedar              189,839                17.69%

Total Votes:                   1,073,359

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