Do you find it interesting that the left and their cohorts in the media continue to drive the narrative that the right is racists or bigots and the left are not?

Well I say turn-around is fair play, imagine what would have been reported if the Republicans in Michigan rejected a non-white candidate for a white candidate and the Democrats elected a non-white candidate over a white candidate.

I can just see the multitude of headlines and articles reiterating how racist the Republican party in Michigan is and how non-racist and opened minded the Democratic Party is.

Well we have an example right here in the great state of Michigan to help us prove that point.

Yesterday in the primaries the Republican Party in Michigan chose a non-white man, John James, over a white man, Sandy Pensler, to represent their party in the fall’s general election to run against the Democrat incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Also yesterday the Democratic Party in Michigan chose a white person, Gretchen Whtimer, over two non-white candidates, Abdul El-Sayed and Shri Thanedar, to represent their party in the fall’s general election to run for the Governor of the state of Michigan.

Was the Michigan Democratic electorate racist or bigoted yesterday?

You decide, but as you think about that question also think about the multitude of articles stating how racist the Republicans in Michigan are if they voted for a white person over a non-white person?

Just a thought to ponder.

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