Equality Michigan, a group dedicated to issues of concern in the LGBT community is asking the Michigan Civil Rights Commission to add gender identity and sexual orientation through an ‘interpretive statement’ and change Michigan Law without having the matter go through the state legislature.

Here is a portion of the letter sent to the MCRC in late June asking for the changes to be made and have Michigan join 18 other states with similar laws:

‘Co-Chairs Laura Reyes Kopack and Rasha Demashkieh Michigan Civil Rights Commission

110 West Michigan Avenue, Suite 800

Lansing, MI 48913

June 30, 2017

Dear Co-Chairs Reyes Kopack and Demashkieh:

We are writing to request that the Michigan Civil Rights Commission (“Commission”) issue an interpretative statement finding that the prohibition on sex discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations found in Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (“Elliott-Larsen”), MCL 37.2101 et seq., includes a prohibition on discrimination based on an individual’s gender identity and sexual orientation. The Commission has the authority to issue such a statement under MCL 37.2601; MCL 24.201 et seq.; Mich Admin Code, R 37.23.’

There is no word yet on whether the MCRC will grant the request or if the it will be ignored but it is certain to ignite debate on all sides of the contentious issue.

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