It's so cool when old buildings, schools, and factories are flipped into apartments or condos. When I drive to see my daughter in downtown Chicago I have noticed many of those converted into some really cool places to live with lots of room, many are big lofts.

There are also plenty in downtown Detroit you may have noticed going to a sporting event or a concert. . I remember when looking to buy a new home in Tampa/St Petes 7 years I was looking at a 100-year-old school turned into condos. The classrooms were turned into cool places to live.  I passed because there were not enough windows or light.

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Well. check this out, the downtown building that used to be home to the kids of Lansing's West Junior High may turn into a low-income senior apartment complex. Pretty cool going from young to older.

The company called General Capital Group, a Wisconsin real-estate development company is trying to buy the building from the Lansing School District and flip it to 85 senior apartments.

District officials say they’re hoping the sale moves forward, especially since the location adjacent to the district's Administration Building has been vacant for 13 years. We would like to see it actually being used,” said Kathie White, director of facilities with the Lansing School District, “It’s central downtown and I think it’s great for what they’re looking to do with it.


If you are not familiar with the building, it's a three-stories, and about140,000-square-foot at 500 Lenawee St.  It was built in 1921 as a junior high and later turned into the district's Education Center.

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