Maybe you're a student ready to make a move away from campus, or maybe you just need a place. Have you seen these apartments out of East Lansing?

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My biggest thing about owning an apartment, is you've gotta love it. It's got to feel like home. You want it to be special.

There is a great chance that this will be your home for a year, and if possible, you want them to be nice and something comfortable for you.

Take a look at these modern East Lansing apartments, that you'll fall right in love with.

Feel At Home In These Cozy East Lansing Apartments

In my opinion, if you're going to own a place for a year or more, you better love it and enjoy it! Many in East Lansing are probably looking for a situation, and here is one for you!

I have a problem with Zillow...I'll promise myself that was the last time, yet find myself right back on the website. It's addicting!

What did you think of the apartments? Would this be something that you would invest in? Or, do you currently live here. Open the app and tell us how you feel about the apartments.

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Call me crazy, but if I'm going to rent, I'm going to rent in style, and for the price that these units are going for, it's not necessarily an arm and a leg, but it's still something decent.

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