Some Michigan Universities May Stay On-line Until Next Year
This year has presented many uncertainties in so many areas of our lives. From entertainment, sporting events, weddings and graduations, many are left wondering exactly what the plan will be. One area hit the hardest with questions of the future has been education, both our  younger students an…
The Great Debate over the Debates is getting a lot louder
The Great Debate over the Debates is getting a lot louder. Just as I have been telling you for weeks would be the case, the Democrats are going to try very hard to find a reason ANY reason to keep Joe Biden off the debate stage and Democrats at all levels are doing their very best to sell that to vo…
It’s Not Safe to Keep Schools Closed
Localities around the United States are taking different approaches on sending kids back to school with the Los Angeles and San Diego Counties school districts recently deciding to stay home and go virtual, meanwhile the state of Florida is planning to re-open.
Steve Gruber's News Desk
The President has commuted the sentence of his long-time friend and sometimes advisor Roger Stone, If the Big Ten doesn’t play football this fall, what does that mean to the people that are working every week to provide food and beverages to fans and football players?

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