If you think your rent was high, I'm here to tell you, that you may not be counting your blessings.

What's The Average Rent In These Apartments?

Starting prices for just one bedroom go for just $6,000, and mind you, that is just for one-bedroom in the apartment.

If you're planning on more than one bedroom in the apartment, you could be paying up to $21,000. That's the price you'd be paying for a four-bedroom apartment.

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Where Are These Apartments Located At?

Take a look at these apartments, which are a little hop over the water in Chicago, but nonetheless, enjoy the views inside.

You Thought Your Apartments Were Expensive? Take A Look At These Apartments

Ready to realize that you went into the wrong career? Take a look into these luxurious apartments that break the bank for the average person.

While the apartments aren't based here in Michigan, they are still just a stone-throw over the water. Maybe it was a good reality check on the amount of money that you're currently paying on rent.

Take A Look Into One Of Michigan's Most Expensive Apartments

We all like a good room to rent, right? Take a look into one of Michigan's most expensive apartments that is located in Grand Rapids.

Shadow Town of Entrican, Michigan

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