Imagine owning your own business and working hard just to get your product out there. That's what one Lansing business owner's dream was, and I'd say it lived through, as their clothing had some play on the HBO Series "Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty,”

The Lansing Clothing Company

A perfect name for a business, nestled in the capital of Michigan. Owner, Jeremy Helton, told a news source, that he'd been contacted by HBO a few years back. In fact, up until now, he had to keep it a secret.

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“I was at my computer doing some work, and then I had some orders come in online for the actual t-shirt...About 47 minutes into the show, I see the character who plays Magic Johnson wearing the t-shirt.” Helton told media partner WILX-TV 10. 

Helton, took to his companies Facebook page, not too long after his shirt made its debut on the HBO series.

Sales For The Lansing Clothing Company Have Increased

After HBO aired the episode with the Lansing-made product, sales went upward in response to the program featured on the network.

If you yourself are interested in supporting a local business, but also being relevant with a series from HBO, check out the Lansing Clothing Company here. 

A preview for the HBO series can be seen below.

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