Officials in Lansing and the Michigan State Police are preparing for what could turn out to be an armed protest this Sunday (1/17) at the state capitol.

The FBI reports that armed protests are planned in all 50 states and Washington DC leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden next Wednesday. A flyer that has been circulating online is encouraging protestors to come armed.

The Michigan State Police released a statement, saying they have already increased security measures at the state Capitol.

“The Michigan State Police takes our responsibility for ensuring safety at Michigan’s Capitol very seriously. Demonstrations are a common occurrence, with the vast majority being entirely peaceful gatherings. We continually monitor for security threats and maintain situational awareness of what is happening in Michigan and across the country. Our security planning is fluid and adjustments are made as needed, from day-to-day.

Security enhancements are both seen and unseen. In general, we don’t discuss security measures, but I can confirm that we will be increasing our visible presence at the Capitol for the next couple of weeks starting this morning.”

However, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor tells WLNS that he remains hopeful that any demonstration at the Capitol will remain peaceful.

“What we want is everyone to stay safe. We don’t want to see violence like we saw in Washington DC. You know, I think everyone is on a heightened alert right now. People have the right to protest, but they don’t have the right to damage property or break-in or you know, any violence,” Schor said.



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