Have you been digging the mild weather we've been having? Or is your favorite season winter and you're hoping for more snow? I have bad news if you want the snow to stay away. Michigan weather is expected to change this weekend and will feel a little dramatic after the mild weather we've been having.

Colder weather will be making it's way here starting Friday, but the coldest temperatures will hit on Monday or Tuesday hanging around mid-to-upper 20s. Friday's weather will start off as a mix of rain and snow showers. With the temperature slowly dropping, showers are expected to turn into snow for the western half of Lower Michigan and the U.P. MLive reports,

This kind of pattern usually leads to three to six inches of lake effect on the west side of Lower Michigan, and one to three inches on the east side, with three inches being tough to find.

So, that means stock your car with all of your winter essentials right now, if you haven't already. Keep a small shovel in your car incase you need to dig yourself or someone out of the snow. Keep kitty litter or salt in your car for traction under your tires. Don't forget to leave a blanket and an extra sweater in your car for if you become stranded.
My least favorite part about winters in Michigan is how cold the air gets. Did you know it's legal to warm up your car in your drive-way? It didn't use to be, but a law was passed in 2017. So, you can avoid freezing your buns off on the way to work or the grocery store.
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