As vaccines for the virus that has certainly changed a lot of lives over the past year roll out, 233,085 Michiganders have rolled up their sleeves to help put a stop to the pandemic.

According to MLive, citing data published Monday, January 11th by the Department of Health and Human Services "As of Sunday, Jan. 10, about 28% of the vaccine doses sent around the state had gone into arms..."

That means there are still a lot of vaccine doses out of the 829,200 that were initially sent throughout the state and have been distributed among the current 1,218 provider sites.

Of course, as we saw in 2020, there are a lot of numbers to consider so bear with me here, but MLive says of those over 230,000 doses administered: 173,377 have been through hospitals, 43,041 have been through local health departments and 8,042 have been through home health providers.

With all of those vaccines administered, MLive also reports that about 19,000 have received both doses!

As someone who has two family members who have gotten their first of two doses of the vaccine through their jobs at the hospital, I will say it has made me more confident in getting the vaccine when it comes time for the "general" public to have them administered.

My mom, who was the first in our family to get the vaccine, said the only pain she really felt was when the actual liquid was being injected into her arm. They also were very conscious and monitored her for 15 minutes afterward to watch for any potential allergic reactions. She ended up being fine, no real soreness and is about to get her second dose any day now!

My sister also got her first dose recently and had the same report as my mom and she normally experiences soreness with vaccines but didn't have much to report when I asked about the COVID one.

As far as distributing the rest of the vaccines, Governor Whitmer wrote, "We remain ready to accelerate distribution to get doses into arms," in a letter MLive reports she sent to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar as part of a request for permission to purchase up to 100,000 more doses for the state.

Of course, this is new to all of us so patience is key as we wait for everyone do be able to get poked and push all memories of this nightmare deep inside and never bring them up again...
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