The investigation into Russian interference into the US Elections in 2016 was never a counter intelligence investigation as it has been couched by the government. President Trump is wrong when he calls it a Witch Hunt too. It has become quite clear that this entire episode is an inquisition.

It has been more than a couple of weeks now since Attorney General William Barr made an unprecedented decision and released the special counsel report of Bob Mueller—not only to Congress in a minimally redacted form but for all to see. The only parts that were actually redacted, less than 40 pages out of 448 focus on the Russian social media companies and how they operated and nothing to do with President Trump, his campaign or his administration. In fact we know that there are no more indictments to come and no sealed indictments waiting in the shadows. It is over.

Yet the Democrats, so desperate to prop up their false narrative they pushed over the last two years with their hand maidens in the media, are now looking to fully discredit the AG and have even set their sights on destroying the reputation of Inspector General Michael Horowitz. As I have been telling you for a very long time this whole game is nothing more than Trump at any price.

The left is in full-on panic now because they know as Senator Chuck Grassley put it quite aptly that they all bought a whole bunch of snake oil that everyone knows isn’t true and the jig us up. With that in mind James Comey now admits the FBI did in fact use undercover agents in an attempt to sting Trump campaign operative George Papadopolous. Where I come from by the way—we refer to secret undercover operatives as spies. That word is also a trigger world for the left who have gone apoplectic ever since Barr quite accurately  used the term spying in describing the government’s efforts against Trump and his team.

You may have noticed as of late that the Democrats and their PR firm better known as the main stream media have nearly forgotten all about Russia. Which is weird because they told us for better than two years they had proof that Trump and the people in his inner circle had worked with Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin to steal the 2016 Presidential Election. Of course, none of that was true so they have quickly moved on to claiming The President somehow obstructed justice and prevented the government from fully investigating a situation where no crime had actually been committed.

Furthermore, federal prosecutors for Southern District of New York are now investigating the President and so is the Attorney General of the state of New York for a whole laundry list of “possible” crimes.

And there it is the operative word in the whole conversation—possible. You see from what I have been able to glean into my small midwestern mind is there is no proof President Trump or anyone in his inner circle has actually committed any crime related to him as a politician. So now the demands are for banking and business records going back years. In fact, the demands go back years before Trump even announced his candidacy for President.

The prosecutors, who are now also joined by Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff and an entire reckless posse’ of agitated Democrats that are still angry Trump won, to go trolling through every record they can find whether they are relevant or not.

I am guessing it won’t be long until the brain trusts over at CNN and MSNBC are sifting through the Presidents yearbook entries or  maybe his diary from his middle school years in the hopes of finding some evidence he should be removed from office now.

Every new demand from the House Democrats to produce records from before Donald Trump’s entry into the race for President, and every new story suggesting that AG Barr is a stooge for The White House and every new ‘bombshell’ report purporting to finally be the one that will bring Trump down should be taken with a grain of salt.

We are witnessing an inquisition—fueled by left wing billionaires, supported by the bought and paid for members of Congress and promoted 24 hours a day by a media too shameless to admit they have gotten wrong all of this time and may have even lied outright to keep the ridiculous narrative alive. This is the political Triad of deceit that is still desperately trying to find a way to get Trump out of Washington. The next big step will be the appearance of Bob Mueller in front of rapid members of The House—that will nearly demand that he indict The President from the front table. They are going to be sadly disappointed.

Mr. Mueller will provide the next major dud in a string of memorable failures by Democrats and the media. He will not give them one morsel more than they already have. You see not only did Attorney General Barr provide a nearly complete copy of the Mueller report for all to see—he also made a totally unredacted copy available for any member of Congress to see. Yes, that’s right it sits right now in a secure room where members can walk in and read the 36 redacted pages. At last count, not a single Democrat had bothered to do so.

The reason is simple; the Democrats already know there isn’t anything there because if it was they would be leaking the news to  their friends at The Washington Post and The New York Times. They aren’t even bothering to go look to pretend there is some damning piece of information that was somehow missed.

This is as good as it gets for the Democrats, they know it—and soon we will all know it.

In the meantime get ready for the naked attempts to get Bob Mueller on the record saying something they can take back to the sobbing socialist masses. You should also get ready for the smear campaign against Michael Horowitz to really ramp up.

This is how inquisitions work.

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