Well, we made it through the Polar Vortex last week with the snow and the dangerous wind chills and over the weekend for Groundhog Day 2019, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which means that we'll have an early spring. So, winter's over right? Umm...not so fast.

Now it looks like we could be dealing with some freezing rain and icy road conditions. The National Weather Service says that the Lansing area can expect to see some freezing rain Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Freezing rain will also be a good possibility again for the Lansing area on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Obviously the freezing rain could cause some traffic issues in the Lansing area. The NWS says that the icy conditions may also lead to some power outages as well. Plus you'll want to be careful on those sidewalks and in parking lots. Click here to see the full forecast from the National Weather Service.


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