You may love, hate or not care at all about President Trump but one thing he is doing is standing by his campaign promises and attempting to enact them.  I have seen no other politician in my lifetime that has attempted to do so, have you?

Now let us move on to our newly minted Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, and see what she now thinks about one of her biggest campaign promises from last year.

Just one month into her Governorship she is sounding like she is backpedaling on one of her biggest campaign promises and that is repealing the pension tax.  By the way just so you can prove you are smarter than her and many others the pension tax was never increased, in fact there never was a pension tax and there still is not a pension tax in the State of Michigan.  So you might ask then what was the Governor and many others talking about during her campaign?

What Governor Snyder and the Republicans did in 2011 was remove the total and partial tax exemptions for income from public and private pensions, respectively.  By the way do you find it interesting that state workers had a full exemption but people in the private sector,  who pay their salaries only had a partial exemption.

According to the Detroit Free Press, now that she is in office and facing the reality that if she reinstates those exemptions there will be a $320 million dollar budget hole to cover.  That is where her problem is and that is where her wavering on her promise started.

Governor Whitmer’s budget director Chris Kolb was quoted in the Free Press article stating:

We haven't made decisions on that yet…One decision has implications across the entire budget. They have to be dealt with together, as opposed to in isolation.

She was a Senator for 8 years, did she not have a clue that adding for subtracting taxes from the budget “has implications across the entire budget”?  We could be in for a long 4 years.

Everyone in the Democratic Party is getting on the band wagon that appears to be backing up.

The liberal Michigan Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, a Democrat from Flint was also quoted saying:

We should not rush anything” The state has to "remove it in a responsible way," and "make sure that we don't put people in harm's way while we're doing it.

Then we have another very liberal person Gilda Jacobs who is the president and CEO of the far left-leaning Michigan League for Public Policy who stated:

There are so many competing priorities…The real issue is: Do we have enough revenues to be doing everything we need to be doing?...You don't want this to be Sophie's Choice,

There is that word in government that they love to say “priorities”.  I can guarantee you those “priorities” have nothing to do with what the government should only be doing for the citizens of Michigan and everything to do with handouts and programs they have no business being in.

We will see what her ultimate decision will be, but I do have some advice for us Michiganders.

Remember those chains that connect your wallet to your pants or belt, better invest in one.

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