Mlive had a really cool story for the patriotic American. It's about a Michigan woman who created a work of art, kind of on accident. Kayla Dominique of Cement City needed a fire barrier for their wood stove. Times are tight, so she created one out of pennies and crafted it to look like an American Flag.

I remember America after 9/11. You couldn't find a flag in the stores. Partisan politics have driven this country so far apart, sometimes it's hard to feel patriotic. Plus, the flags aren't cheap. Neither is fireproofing.

It's nice to see the flag at an unforced time. You always see them on Memorial weekend, 4th of July and a lot during the summer. Rarely do you see flag art in people's homes anymore.

I label this a classic. It's American pride. Some our greatest inventions have come from accidents. She had this where it was because it became too heavy to move.

A happy accident. Bob Ross would love it.


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