While we're in the heat of summer, sweating our tails off, the apples we'll be enjoying in the fall are shaping up to make the end of the year cool down just a little bit sweeter.


If you consider yourself a Honeycrisp Apple fan, you may have noticed that in 2021 we had a smaller, less quality crop than previous years. So you may think, "oh no, we're in a downward trend." But don't panic- a bad year actually usually is followed by a good one due to the nature of how these trees grow.


According to the Honeycrisp Crop Management program at Michigan State University, the growing patterns for Honeycrisp Apple trees are trending upwards for 2022. So by the time that they are in season in August and September, we're likely to see bigger, juicier and tastier apples than last year. (So maybe it's time you dusted off that Apple Crisp recipe)

How are Honeycrisp Apples grown?

These Apples do best in a healthy soil that can drain easily, which is why Michigan is a key place for them to grow. They can grow in clay and other situations, but you won't get as good of a crop.

These trees also do best with full sun, so the more sun we get this summer, the better our apples will be.

Where can I pick my own Honeycrisp Apples this fall?

Michigan has a lot of orchards that offer the opportunity to pick Honeycrisp Apples if you don't have your own tree. Some of the most popular ones include:

Wells Orchard in Grand Rapids

Robinette's Applehaus and Winery in Grand Rapids

Ed Dunneback and Girls Farm in Grand Rapids (make sure you say hi to the goats while you're there)

Country Mills Farm in Charlotte

Stover's Farms in Berrien Springs

And if you need something closer to your area, check out the interactive map above, or the list below to find the Farm closest to you!

Happy picking, and don't forget to wash them before you enjoy.

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