The owners of the iconic East Lansing bar, The Peanut Barrel, are selling it after 42 years.

But before you worry too much, it's not going anywhere.

The Peanut Barrel is Being Sold

According to the Lansing State Journal, Jennifer and John Bell have owned The Peanut Barrel since 1980. They dreamed of creating a "bar and restaurant in a college town that catered to more than just students". And just seeing all the different people that patron this East Lansing staple, they've definitely achieved that goal.

If you go and enjoy a drink or meal out on the patio in the summer, or even if you go during an MSU football game day, you're going to see all kinds of people from all walks of life and of all ages. It truly is a place for all.

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And even though the Bells are saying goodbye to The Peanut Barrel, patrons won't have to. The Peanut Barrel isn't going anywhere. The bar is actually being bought by the owner of another popular East Lansing bar and eatery; the owners of Crunchy's, Mike Krueger and John Mosholder.

It seems like Krueger and Mosholder understand how much people love the Peanut Barrel just as it is, too. It seems like they aren't going to be changing much, if anything, saying, "It's not a place that needs fixing."

The Peanut Barrel will officially be owned by Krueger and Mosholder this July, so if you happen to see the Bells moving about before then, be sure to tell them goodbye and thank you for their 42 years of being a part of East Lansing's culture.

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