Some people would love a nice old farmhouse in Northern Michigan, right? What if it was haunted, and in pieces though?

There is a house in northern Michigan, with a troubled past, that some believe is still troubled today, but from that of another world.

Haunted Northern Michigan Farmhouse

The alleged story of the haunted farm house stems from that of an old newspaper article, which tells of a story of an ominous travel looking for work, and seeking shelter in the now abandoned home.

The owner took in the traveler, and that is where the story begins.

As the story has it, the man then went on a killing spree of the family. Killing all five of the children from the couple of the house, including the couple themselves. The man is also said to have hung the youngest daughter from the shed in the backyard.

Take A Look Into This Haunted House

Today, the house sits in despair, but some report strange happenings, such as whispers, cold spots, and even scratches.

While the exact location of the home is never disclosed, it should be noted to never tour a property without the consent of the current land owners, and also to be aware of the condition of the building.

See for yourself what now remains of the haunted Michigan estate.

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