With a lack of funding and a lesson in enrollment across the state, many schools are abandoned and left to rot.

It's the unfortunate modern reality we face across the state.

Abandoned Detroit Area High School

Most abandoned schools would make an amazing spot to turn into apartments or even a retirement center, recreation center, and the list goes on...

With that being said though, this high school, unfortunately, did not see that kind of luxury.

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You will notice below though, that a majority of the school, while deserted, doesn't have many remnants of its past.

Take a look below at the now rotting building below.

Look Inside This Now Abandoned Detroit Area High School

Take a look into this now abandoned Detroit area High School that sits awaiting the next moments in its life.

Explore More Abandoned Michigan

My new favorite TikTok channel just so happens to be a traveling channel that explores abandoned places across the state.

Take a look at the channel here to stay on abandoned TikTok.


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