It was fun visiting Jackson last night. It's been a while since I have been to the Jackson County Fair, I always enjoyed going to the JCF and it was good to be back.

Jackson has always been a town that is passionate about their radio stations. I remember driving the station vehicle through Jackson and people would wave from their front porches, yards or cars to me when I was driving through. That makes us radio folk feel good because we know you are passionate about us and that means we are passionate about you too.

Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy performed last night to open up the Jackson County Fair. Before the show I had a great time doing what we do in radio like putting up banners, shaking hands and kissing babies. For me, I love meeting every listener I can. If you don't listen to the station I am on, I have the opportunity to turn you on to something new. It was awesome seeing so many old friends, listeners and friendly faces. The lemonade was flowing and all the fair food smelled awesome.

Before the show starts I usually have some sort of stage announcements prior to the "show" starting. When there's a team of us we share the mic duties and have fun doing so. I love the responsibility of getting a crowd pumped up for the ensuing show they are about to witness.

Last night's Jackson County Fair Show featuring Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy was a hilarious and a lot of fun altogether.

People sometimes wonder what it's like backstage at these shows. Last night was pretty chill but I was able to get some pics for you to see so you can have a little backstage experience yourself.

Jackson County Fair

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