If you are a fan of abandoned destinations, you'll be in a world shock to find one so close to home.

Located in Brighton, Lindbom Elementary school has sat deserted for ten years.

Look: Abandoned Elementary School In Brighton

This school has sat untouched by the sound of students' voices since 2010, due to budget cuts and a lack of enrollment.

Many schools across the state have been facing the same predicament this elementary school went through in the past.

There have been many attempts to revive the school and bring it back up to what it once was, but it unfortunately never followed through amongst the five times the plans were put together.

Crazy: Look Inside This Now Abandoned Elementary School In Brighton

It's sad to see the building go to such dismay, but it is also kind of an incredible find. Take a look into this elementary school, now abandoned, in Brighton, Michigan.

Stay On Abandoned TikTok Yourself!

I've recently stumbled across this awesome TikToker, who goes through and covers areas not just in Michigan, but primarily here, and shows deserted and abandoned places.

If you yourself want to end up on that side of TikTok as well, check out jakexploring, here and enjoy some videos of abandoned spots across the state of Michigan.


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