Do you know how people say never to judge a book by its cover? Well, this Minnesota house definitely fits that bill. To me, the outside is absolutely stunning, while it could use some work for sure, but the inside...oh boy, the inside is something else indeed.

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This Great Lakes Region house is so bad that it's officially been dubbed one of the "ugliest houses in America". It's going to be featured on an episode of Ugliest House in America: Ugly in Paradise this Sunday on HGTV. If you want to see it in its full glory, the episode airs at 8 pm Central Time (that's 9 pm for us Michiganders in the Eastern Time Zone). Before then, if curiosity has got the best of you, you can check out a sneak peek in the Instagram post below from Zillow Gone Wild.

Ugliest House in America

So let's talk about Again, I love the outside. It kinda looks like a doll house or the kind of house that a witch lives in and is made of candy. I love all the woodwork, the colors, and the stained glass windows. Now, on to the inside.

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A woodworker built this house back in 1964 and they made some terrible interesting design choices. First of all, the glitter popcorn ceilings all throughout the house are horrible. I mean, they even put a popcorn ceiling in the shower stall. Speaking of which, what's up with the plate ware decor in the shower? Not to mention, the woodworker did such a poor job in building this house that some of the doors don't even open.

That's all we know about the ugliest house in far. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of this monstrosity on HGTV's episode featuring it on Sunday, August 7th. Until then, you can scroll through this gorgeous Victorian home for sale right here in Michigan.

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