Drive-in movie theaters were a huge deal, long ago. When I was growing up in southwest Michigan we had a drive-in theater about a half mile from where we lived. Sadly, I've never been to a drive-in theater to see a flick. I was 5 when we lived there and most likely they weren't playing "kids" movies at night.

Truthfully the most experience I've had with drive-ins was with the Flintstones. The intro to the Flintstones always featured Fred putting the shell (speaker) on his car and the zoomed back for the screen. Yup, not remarkable but a fun childhood memory.

My wife split time growing up between Marcellus, Michigan and Coldwater, Michigan. She went to the Coldwater drive-in theater a lot when she was growing up and has told me many stories about the fun she had. It sounds like a lot of fun and they offer a double feature. The question I had for her was, can we leave before the end of the double feature and not get in trouble? I don't want to be rude, however, sitting thru two movies is hard for me. Maybe I should give it a shot before I do any planning to leave early.

There are a lot of drive-in movie theaters that still exist within our state lines. My plan is to try something new and create some fun memories with my family. Maybe you want to try something new or re-visit a drive-in to rekindle memories and create new ones with your family.

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