The Guinness Book of World Records is filled with some of the most unbelievable records you could ever, or never, come up with. Things like the longest tongue, stretchiest skin, oldest male stripper, and even the largest yo-yo in the world, That's literally a fraction of the madness you'll find on their website, as people all over the country and the state of Michigan are always looking to be the next ones to add their name to history. I myself have been a part of two Guinness World Records, and trust me, it's not easy.

I wanted to take a closer look though at some of the best world records set here in Michigan, and the list was so long it was hard to choose just 10. The longest tail on a domestic cat, the most people performing jazz hands, the largest Hot Wheels loop-the-loop, the largest sandwich, and the longest popcorn string are just some of the silly and cool things we've been able to achieve. But if this list is any indicator of the records we go after, it's that we like our records BIG.

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Every one of these records is known for their size, whether in physical size or theoretical size, these were some strong records to overcome. We've made a lot of history in Michigan and our record setting days are no where near done. Here are the Top 10 ever set in Michigan:

The Coolest Guinness World Records Set In Michigan

Here are some of the coolest Guinness World Records that have been set throughout the years in Michigan. Some amazing, some unbelievable, some gross, but all awesome in their own way.

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