The store that is known for selling everything for a dollar is raising its prices on some items to more than a dollar. Dollar Tree is one of the last dollar stores that actually sells things for a dollar, but that is changing.

Pretty soon when you go Dollar Tree, you will find items priced anywhere between $1 and $1.50. Dollar Tree also announced that they will be converting parts of some of their stores to Dollar Tree Plus areas where they have prices as high as $3 to $5.

Dollar Tree hasn't announced what products they will be increasing prices on but many of their products will remain priced at $1. Prices are up everywhere, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that one of the last actual dollar stores around would need to raise its prices to stay profitable.

You should still be able to purchase many things for a dollar like greeting cards, wrapping paper, holiday decorations, and grocery items, but other items will see a price increase. You could also assume that Dollar Tree will be introducing some new products to their shelves in the Dollar Tree Plus areas that will be selling for the $3 to $5 price points.

Shoppers are already giving a little bit of pushback to the announced price increase. Fox 17 spoke to Willa Davenport, an avid Dollar Tree shopper, and she said "I don't think it is right for them to raise the price. The reason is they are Dollar Tree is that you go in there to get things for a dollar. Are they going to change all their signs?" Dollar Tree did announce that they won't be changing all of signage in the store, but they will be changing some to reflect the increase in prices.

When Dollar Tree finally raises its prices, it will end a more than 25 year run of selling everything in their store for $1.

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