Will former Michigan Democrat Governor Granholm actually help Hillary Clinton in Michigan. I just read a piece in The Detroit News written by Kaitlyn Buss who posed that question then answered it herself.

As she states in her first sentence "If Hillary Clinton wants to hitch her wagon to former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, she can have her".

Why, because former Michigan Democrat Governor Granholm's track record here in Michigan is horrible. Did you think she did a lot of good for Michigan?

Many say Granholm governed over one of the worst decade in Michigan’s history. Many have called the decade in which she we governor “The Lost Decade".

Why was it called "The Lost Decade"? Well let's look at what occurred during her administration:

  • Michigan’s unemployment rate jumped from 6 percent in 2002 to a peak of 14 percent in 2009
  • Michigan lost more than 600,000 Michigan jobs
  • Detroit's population plummeted
  • Michigan's population drastically declined, in fact Michigan was the only state over that decade to lose more people than it gained
  • Michigan state’s ranking in per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) went from 24th to 41st in the nation

That is why the decade in which she was Governor for 8 of those years is called by many "The Lost Decade".

As Kaitlyn Buss wrote in her piece:

Clinton’s choice of her as a close adviser simply illustrates how stale and stunted a Clinton presidency would be – and how clueless she is about Michigan’s economic challenges.

If you truly take your partisan glasses off you can see that Clinton's candidacy is one of the past. In Hillary's speeches she tell us that former President Clinton would be her economic adviser and now former governor Granholm could possibly be in her cabinet. Do you want to see what Granholm did to Michigan happen on a national scale?

I certainly do not, I have already livid through what she did to Michigan, I do not need to live through it again.

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