It is almost comical how the American Media flocks to any third tier Republican willing to state that Donald Trump is not fit to be President. Olympia Snowe is a Republican like Bill Milliken was a Republican in Michigan- that is to say, pretty much not at all. Yet like so many marginal members of the GOP, the media goes wild when they endorse Hillary. I say when they do such things, so what?

What is interesting is that the incredibly un-conservative Gerald Ford did the same when he called Ronald Reagan unfit for the Presidency in the middle of 1976. That’s right the President of the United States called his chief rival unfit to serve as President because of his lack of foreign policy experience. Funny considering Reagan was the architect of destroying the Soviet Union. A nation people like Ford had almost no vision at all how to deal with effectively. Reagan was clear that the Soviets were the enemy and he intended to do something about it. Four years later pile of Southern Democratic Governors, including Bill Clinton of Arkansas, called Reagan unfit for the Presidency.

Reagan is considered by many on both sides of the aisle as possibly the Best President of the 20th Century and one of the very best of all time. Yet he was called by the sitting President in his own party unfit for the office.

My point is this: a bunch of people running around calling Donald Trump unfit to be President doesn’t mean a thing. For the most part they are people who are unable to admit they are wrong like the #NeverTrump clowns of those who truly believe American is a racist and unfair place.

While I’m at it- the American Media is fueling the ridiculous notion that Donald Trump is just too dangerous to control the nuclear codes or even have access to them for that matter. Really? That is something to make a special note from. The New York Times said Richard Nixon was very likely to get the United States into a nuclear war. That was written on the eve of his inauguration in January 1969. Instead Nixon negotiated the greatest nuclear arms reduction deal in world history. The same paper and others said Reagan was sure to drag us into World War III. In the end Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union without firing a shot.

I guess all the screeching that Trump is some sort of mad man that just cannot be trusted just doesn’t convince me it’s true. Oh and by the way, they were also telling us until yesterday he didn’t have the courage to go and speak to minorities directly in the inner cities. That was until he scheduled a campaign stop in Detroit this coming weekend to talk about the problems created by Democrats over decades of out of control spending and destructive policies for the inner cities.

The truth without spin is something the media would be well advised to focus on going forward.

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