There is a new battle for the votes from Black Americans, Hispanic Americans and every other minority pleading for their voices to be heard. The Democrats claim they are the party of the little guy but it is a tough argument when Hillary Clinton is bankrolling her entire campaign with $50,000 a plate fundraisers and tens of millions of dollars from Wall Street and other elitists who don’t play by the same rules as everyone else.

Donald Trump has decided to go where few Republicans have ventured during my entire lifetime- the inner cities where unemployment and desperation are far more common commodities than the gold and silver running through the fingers of Hillary’s elitist friends.

Setting his sights on minority voters Donald Trump is going right into the heart of the problem, the failing Democratically controlled inner cities of America. Trump has called the failed policies of the big cities for what they are. The failures can be illustrated, illuminated and laid at the feet of single party rule for all intents and purposes. There is only one party that can be held responsible for half a century of these failures. Democrats have run the urban centers of America for decades. The Democrats have run them into the ground. Failures in Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit among dozens of others are all the end result of unrestrained socialist, progressive policies.

So now Donald Trump has begun openly asking for support from Black and Hispanic voters. And why not I ask? What do they have to lose? After all most of them were born into a world where it is just expected that they vote for Democrats. That really isn’t that far off from another world perpetuated by the Democrats a hundred years or even just fifty years ago where blacks and other minorities were born into a place that they were expected to ‘know their place.’

That however is not my America. In my America everyone has a chance to work hard and earn his or her way forward. In my America no political party should expect my vote each and every time without having to answer tough questions when I believe they have lost their way. In my America both citizens and political organizations are held accountable for the things they do.

Maybe this year those living in failing cities will realize finally that they have been voting the same way and getting the same results forever. Maybe this year Donald Trumps optimistic call for something new and different will be heard.

Trump is running behind but with Hillary almost in hiding these days from any reporters or mainstream news outlets, his numbers are getting stronger and some recent polls indicate he may in fact have drawn even or taken a small lead. This race is not over.

From Real Clear Politics comes this:

Right now, there are still 70 days until Election Day, and Clinton is up by six points in the RCP average <>. If Trump holds steady, he’ll be below the roughly seven or eight points that an election might move between September (about 60 days from Election Day) and November. In other words, he still could make up the gap between himself and Clinton. As FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten pointed out, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Hubert Humphrey (in 1976, 1980 and 1968 respectively) improved their post-convention standings by a larger margin than what Trump would need to win.

A recent Pew Poll found that Trump’s support among Hipanics is 24%. That may not seem like a good number and you’re right it isn’t. It is a great number! John McCain only got 23% of Hispanic voters and Mitt Romney just 21%.

Incredible isn’t it? After all the piling on by the media trying to paint Trump as a racist and anti-Hispanic for correctly pointing out that criminals actually cross our southern border illegally when our border isn’t secure, Trump is still attracting Hispanics in larger numbers than the past two GOP nominees. He certainly wasn’t calling all Hispanics that come here illegally ‘rapists and murderers’ but there have been plenty that fell squarely into that category. It seems that a growing number of likely Hispanic voters are getting it.

Another survey shows Trump is getting 10% of the black vote. If he can get to twelve or fourteen percent among African American voters he will win in November with ease. The mainstream media insists on repeating a poll that Trump is only getting one percent of the black vote. Nobody believes that, not even the people saying it and you shouldn’t either.

More importantly Donald Trump is calling the Democrats bluff when they said he would never go to the inner cities and talk directly to minority voters. Well Trump was the one who accepted the invitation to speak to the mostly black church in Detroit this coming Saturday. Don’t be surprised if he gets some inside the congregation to change their minds before the event is over.

We have ten weeks to go and while Hillary is at fundraisers Trump is actually talking to real Americans in real places and offering real hope and real change.

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