On August 9th Reuters decided to deliberately change it’s polling techniques to show Hillary Clinton with a bigger lead than she had with the exact same numbers the day before when she was losing to Donald Trump. After the Democratic Convention bounce of an unprecedented 12 to 14 points the Real Clear Politics Poll showed she had about an 8 point lead nationally. By August 18th, it fell below 6 points. Today, her lead is down to just 4 points and it continues to erode.

Hillary has not held an actual press conference since before the primaries began. She has not faced a hostile press with actual tough questions since last year. Her scandals are piling up and her numbers are paying the price. Clinton has outspent Trump by millions and cannot seem to shake him.

In the meantime, Donald Trump has found an all new discipline and a new ability to maintain his message without the distractions that have dragged him down so many times before. This is what it will take if Trump is going to get past Clinton and win the White House in November.

In order to keep the White House within her grasp, Clinton will need to answer a pile of nagging questions about emails and now the widening scandal involving the Clinton Foundation and it’s apparent pay to play protocol.

If she continues to dodge the press and the American voters, her numbers will continue to slump and her campaign will at some point panic about the math showing her possible demise. There simply will be no choice but for her to come out of hiding and face the music.

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