It's like on again off again when it comes to in-person learning for the entire Lansing School District.

With COVID-19 numbers being at their highest point in the state of Michigan, the right thing to do is wait for the numbers to change for the better and then focus on in-person learning.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Lansing School District pushed back its return to in-person learning for the fourth time as state COVID-19 rates remain among the worst on the country.  Superintendent Sam Sinicropi said in a Thursday press release COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations remain too high to expect students to safely return to their classrooms.

I think the same is going on for several schools at this point.  It's simply too risky to have kids back at school for in-person learning.

Even though my daughter's school opened up several weeks ago, they are now back at home and taking classes online.

The Lansing State Journal tells us:

We know returning to school is important, but we have to do it when it is safe, said Board of Education President Gabrielle Lawrence in the press release.  Everyone on our school district family knows the risks are just too high at this time, and most everyone understands it's not possible to return to schools with the recent virus surge in Michigan.

At this point the next date the Lansing School District will focus on is April 26.  It just depends on if the COVID-19 numbers start to go back down within the next few weeks.

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