According to MLive, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources rewarded two anonymous tipsters for their part in catching three elk poachers. The tipsters received a $1,000 reward and split it.

At the beginning of the year, in January, it was announced that three men were being charged for the elk poaching in Pigeon River Country in December 2019. MLive reports that while under investigation relatives Christian White, 29, Harry White, 70, and Ronald White, 55, confessed to poaching the elk, but plead not guilty to eight different wildlife crimes.

According to Novi Law, penalties for illegally taking elk in Michigan can include 90 days in jail, $5,000 in restitution, and the loss of hunting privileges of up to 15 years.

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You can read a full list of hunting violations on the DNR's website and on Novi Law's website.

Bob Taylor, SCI Michigan Involvement Committee president told MLive that they’re grateful for those who helped out.

We are very grateful to the individuals who stepped up and helped provide officers with the information they needed to move this case through to completion. All of Michigan’s citizens have a voice in conservation and should speak up if they see wrongdoing occurring.

The investigation started in 2019 after the DNR received a tip on the Report All Poaching hotline. If you are ever in need of the hotline, you can call or text information to 800-292-7800.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is also asking individuals to keep an eye out for amphibians and the state's only rattlesnake, the Easter Massauga. You can report sightings here.

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