After a year of not being able to get out of the house and go to places like the gym, movie theaters, and such, have you been back to the gym yet? Before COVID-19 hit, I even had a gym membership, however, once COVID hit and ran and we saw gyms re-open, I haven't made the effort to go back.

If you haven't gone back either, you're actually not alone. There is a new survey that is showing roughly two in three Americans no longer exercise at the gym because they hit their exercising goals elsewhere.

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Nearly 82% of Americans now are more comfortable working out at home, than go to the gym. That number is up from 2020 at 72% of participants.

Now, I work in a grocery store and have since April of last year. I've stocked out multiple departments from health and beauty care to Sports. While the hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol did fly off the shelves, so did weights and home exercising equipment.

In a poll of 2,000 people by Freeletics, 85% of the respondents admitted that working out at home gave time away from their family without having to leave the house. Another 81% said that they found more confidence in themselves being able to work out at home.

Frankly, I always dreaded working out in public. The anxiety of having to do things in front of another person always got into my head and made working out less of a joy and more of a fight with myself to go and do it.

If I'm going to be honest too, since COVID hit, my wallet has thanked me. Having a gym membership was great in the wintertime for me, as I didn't want to go do anything outdoors in the cold. However, I would hardly ever touch my membership in the summer. I'd rather go and do things outside than do things inside.

Are you still using a gym membership? I know nothing can beat the actual weight set and heated & air-conditioned settings. But, have you returned to the gyms since COVID-19 hit?

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